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    Spur, I'm so glad to be the first person to congratulate you on becoming Cat of the Day. What a pretty girl you are. I'm so glad you have a friendly lab to help groom your lovely face. I'll bet that every person, dog or cat who meets you, falls in love with you at first sight. That was wise to have a big sleep in your basket... to get ready for all the celebrations to honour your award. Have a lovely day with lots of nice treats. And give some to your new doggie friend.

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    What a pretty baby you are spur. You remind me of my Miss Abby that also was just Cat of the Day just a few short weeks ago. Your mom and dad are very lucky to have a very loving girl like you as you are lucky to have such a loving friend like your new puppy friend. I hope you bring your family many more years of love.

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    Hi Spur, you gorgeous girl! Oh, don't you look warm and cozy by the woodstove! I'm so glad your days of hard work being a mommy are long behind you. Just days of rest, love and fun with friends and family keep you busy now! My kitty has a yellow lab for a sibling too! They're lots of fun But make sure you keep one paw on your food bowl! You are a lovely girl with the sweetest, "the more the merrier" personality. I'm so glad you were chosen our Cat of the Day and send you big congratulations and lots of love. Yeah Spur!

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    Spur, you lovely, lovely lady! Abys are the best cuddlebugs in the world, and the best socializers. Blass you, baby!

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