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Thread: Bella, the Search Dog, is Sick...

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    Bella, the Search Dog, is Sick...

    Here's a sad story that Dad just found on the Firefighters site:

    Rescue Dog Fights Final Battle


    Bella, a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department, is fighting her toughest battle yet. She’s worked tirelessly for the LAFD for eight years, devoting her time, energy, and nose to rescuing human beings from perilous
    situations. Bella is a rescue dog, and she has been diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma, a potentially devastating form of cancer.

    Bella, a purebred Border Collie, is certified in disaster and wilderness rescue. Her trainer, Deresa Teller, has been with the LAFD for twenty-two years. Bella frequently
    searches for people lost hiking in the wilderness and cadavers in the hills. One of her biggest jobs came after the Oklahoma City bombing. Bella was one of the few dogs trained in cadaver, wilderness, and disaster
    rescue. She and another dog searched the building for the last few remaining survivors before the structure was imploded.

    "She can read people’s feelings," said Teller. Two years ago, at a workshop for Oklahoma City victims, a woman began crying as she recounted a story about her daughter who had died during the bombing. "You could hear the emotions in her voice," said Teller.
    Bella left her trainer’s side and went to sit by the weeping woman. "The dog has done a lot of comforting during rescues," said Teller. "The children in Oklahoma would hug her and pet her."

    Rescue is part of Bella’s blood. Many of her children and grandchildren are certified or training to be rescue dogs themselves. She is also a patient dog, and her favorite hobby is herding chickens and ducks around Teller’s yard. "Sometimes the hens will get on top of her back," said Teller, "and they’ll scratch at her fur. She just sits there patiently."

    Bella’s cancer is treatable, and she has already undergone radiation therapy. She still needs to visit the veterinarian on a monthly basis. The LAFD is not permitted to use tax dollars to pay for Bella’s care. "If she was injured in the line of duty," said Teller, "than the city would pay for her medical bills. But in this situation, they

    Much of the money used for Bella’s care has come from another LAFD dog fund. Money had come in to help a Dalmatian that served as a mascot for one of the fire stations. The leftover funds from the Dalmatian’s treatment were sent to Teller for Bella’s medical bills.

    In the same spirit, the LAFD is collecting fund to help assist Bella’s treatment, therapy, and recovery. Any donations are tax deductible, and leftover money will be donated to future Search Dog Training and Care.
    Contributions can be sent to:
    "Search Dog Fund"
    Account # 60130
    Los Angeles Firemen’s Credit Union
    P.O. Box 60890
    Los Angeles, CA 90060

    Notes of support can be sent to:
    Bella the Search Dog
    P.O. Box 630375
    Simi Valley, CA 93063
    [email protected]

    Dad sez it'd be nice if a few PetTalkers sent Bella an her Mom Deresa sum Get Better Quick kardz. Thankz!

    /s/ Cinder & Smokey
    the Rescued & Adopted
    FurKids of *Phred*

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    As soon as I read this, I sent Bella an E-card. I hope others will too.

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    I will do it immediately!!!

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    my father and grandfather where members of the fire dept. In fact my grandfather was on engine #1 - he was the only guy who handle the draft horses! Its amazing how far the fire depts. have come..... check's in the mail! e-card on the way!!!
    Big thanks to Cinder and Smoke's dad for keeping on top of it and keeping us informed.

    Maybe he should treat you guys to a fireman's muster!

    bug mom

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    Cinder and Smokey:

    Thank you for telling us about Bella. Carina and I just sent a get well note to her.

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    Thanks so much for letting us know about Bella, Cinder and Smokey. We all sent off a get well E-Card to Bella, a true hero. I hope and pray this courageous canine triumphs as she faces her toughest challenge.

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    To Rescue Dog Bella's Friends ~

    Rescue Dog Bella must be pretty special to the Fire Guys an Gals at the Los Angeles Fire Department - they've given here a special link to her own pages on the Official LAFD website. Give a click on:

    Just below the Guardian Angel graphic is a gray hilighted click-link to Bella's pages. At the bottom of Bella's first page is a link to "photographs" of Bella and her Mom, Deresa.

    Dad sent an E-card and suggested to Mom Deresa that she could join us here at PetTalk; but with a sick pup at home and being a career Firefighter, she might not have time right now. If enough of us encourage her to join in, maybe she'll be able to find the time.

    Thankz to all for your support of Bella!

    /s/ Cinder & Smokey
    the Rescued & Adopted
    FurKids of *Phred*

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    Hi, it's me, Hannah. Thanks for letting us know about Bella the Search dog, Cinder. We just sent her a post card with a picture of me and Tucker on it. We did it thru Amazing Then I wrote stuff on the card too. I told her she should have her mom send in her picture so she could become our Dog of the Day. Well, time for me to play now, so I got to go.


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    Hi, Daisy and Perry sent a card too, Bella is a true American Hero.

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    Phred, that is a truly touching story about Bella. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We're mailing what we can to help out with her treatments. That YGRR raffle money comes in handy sometime! And I will have Helen do a card for her too.
    Thanks again.

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    I'm putting Bella's story on Oz dog lists & including how emails of support can be sent to her. That'll let Bella know that she is both an american hero & a world-class hero, too. If I lived in the US, I'd be sending a donation...& I'd consider it an honour to do so.
    Thank you Cinder & Smoke for telling us about Bella. She should be happy to know that your big hearts are with her in her battle against cancer.

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    My niece just got a pit bull puppy and she named her Bella.

    Thanks Cinder for letting us know about the Los Angeles Bella. I live right here in the city and didn't know about her.

    An email and check is on its way for her care.


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    This morning I received this encouraging email from Bella. I was so happy to learn that she is feeling well. Prayers that she will continue to heal and grow strong! What a brave girl. What a hero!

    Dear Sandra,
    What a wonderful card you sent. My Mom needs to take a break from reading
    everyone's good wishes, her masscara keeps running!!!
    Thanks for your concern, I am really feeling well, just hope the cancer stays
    BELLA and Deresa

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    Another card is on the way from Italy!

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    Thanks Phred, Cinder, and Smokey for letting me know about Bella. I am going to buy a fitting card and include a check. I hope she get's through this disease. Must be so difficult for mom to see her "baby" ridden with cancer. I hope she can afford the treatment needed to shake that aweful disease.

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