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    I went to get my new horse today! Her name is Freeway. I didn't have pictures before, but we took some today. I am so exited!!! I didn't get any sleep last night, I got to sleep at 12:00 or something like that A.M. I woke up at 4:00 A.M. and left by 5:30. Tell me that that wouldn't wear a girl out!
    After I got her settled, I was scratching her tummy. ( She likes that.) And she almost fell asleep. She was very tired. Well, my dad is going to take some pictures of me riding her tomorrow. Until then, this is Freeway. The best horse in Texas!
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    I`m so happy for you! I want a horse, but I know it`s never gonna happen!

    I can`t wait to see more pics!

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    Beauty-ful horse!! Congrats!!

    p.s. that halter looks rather tight in the throatlatch area....just thought I would mention that.
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    Thanks Roxyluvsme13!

    "The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses' ears"- Arabian Proverb

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    You are sooo lucky. I have been begging my parents forever to get a horse. I have information pilled up 600000000 meters high lol. And I have been taking lessons for a long time now and no matter what...they still say no LOL I will just have to keep begging and pleading them

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    that is a nice horse you got there .
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    Congratulations on getting Freeway!
    She is a beautiful horse.
    What breed is she?
    RIP sweet Samantha

    Milly & Izzy

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    She is purebred quarter horse. Also, I am glad that you all like her!

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    lucky lucky lucky! she is very pretty! I have wanted a horse since I was little, but I can never even have lessons(costs money lol) money that we dont have, I am sorry but the cost her is like $130 a week! and only 2 lessons a week, that is WAY to much, no possable way we can ever afford even lessons
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    Awwww Cali. You don't have to nessasarily take lessons. Is there someone at school that has a horse. Maybe you can talk to them, and they can teach you. Or, you could buy a confidence building horse. It does take a lot of money, but if you spend it right...

    " It's really not that expensive."

    A lot of people around here will buy a horse and take it to it's first rodeo to see what it can do. And, if it don't place in the 1st or 2nd category, they go out and buy another horse! I do understand that some people do not have that kind of money. But, don't worry Cali. Keep working on it. And, I am sure that you will get a horse someday.

    P.S. This is a picture of Freeway and I having fun loping up and down the arena.
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    Sorry! Wrong loping picture!!!!
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    Your soooooo lucky to have horses!!!
    i love my horses i only have one riding horse ill post a oic when ive scanned it in!!
    i think they are expensive to keep, in the winter here its rain rain rain and wind!!! that means Rugs, feed, shelter!!!
    they are great fun!!
    Ky and rio
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    You are SOOOOOOOO lucky, to have a horse and also a sheep! Those are my two dream pets that I can have only in my dreams! Beautiful horsey! Congrats!

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    I luv horses and sheep a lot too! Where do you live? Maybe you can come visit sometime and get a taste of what having horses and sheep is like. It is GREAT fun! Maybe your dream will come true one day. I'll be back. My mom won't leave me alone until I go walk Fleece. ( lamb)

    BYE BYE!!!

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    Originally posted by petlover
    I luv horses and sheep a lot too! Where do you live? Maybe you can come visit sometime and get a taste of what having horses and sheep is like. It is GREAT fun! Maybe your dream will come true one day. I'll be back. My mom won't leave me alone until I go walk Fleece. ( lamb)

    BYE BYE!!!
    I live far far away from you. I have gotten a small taste of what its like to be around horses and sheep, because my friend lives in the country and has some. I love them! Wish I could have a pet sheep or goat! I adore those animals, probably almost as much as I love parrots! Maybe someday..............*dreams*

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