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Thread: Oh boy Ginger.

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    Oh boy Ginger.

    Also, I was going to post this, this morning but misplaced the thought.

    Ginger doesn't look too good. She always goes along with her head up high at a good smooth pace. And now she is going along at a rough pace and eating as much grass as a cow does!
    She also threw up the grass from last night this morning and went outside to eat some more grass! I am really worried. She also just lays around most of the time. It started last night. Do any of you have any ideas on how to make her feel better. I already thought of taking her to the vet, but he is closed today.
    ANY suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated.

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    Taking her to the vet is my ONLY advice.
    Until then, watch her closely.

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    If she gets worse you can probably find a vet that is open. I'm not sure if they have VCA's in Texas, but they are usually open 24/7. I used to take my dog there. They are good, but they are a little expensive. If Ginger gets worse it will be worth the money to help her.
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    Oh poor Ginger! I hope you can find a vet that is open, keep us updated. And like Kay said, keep an eye on her.

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    I'm fixing to take Ginger to the vet. I hope that he can find out what is wrong with her.

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    Please keep us updated as soon as you know something. I'll keep Ginger in my prayers.
    Billy and Willy! (2 of my 4)

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    The vet said that we need to stop giving her the treatment to stop her itching because it is making her vomit. I didn't know that my mom was giving her treatment for that. Also, since she has stopped, her vomiting has stopped and she has stopped eating grass. She has also calmed down on the aggressiveness.

    Just an update

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    That is great news! I am glad that Ginger is doing better.

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