My friend's sister Jill has just moved to Maryland recently, taking her 6 year old GSD, Guiness along. She moved about 2 months ago, and Guiness is having a hard time. She used to live in a place where Guiness could run outside and she could walk him in the woods and stuff, and he loved it. Now she is in an apartment. I guess she does have a small yard, but no fence, so he always has to be leashed.

Guiness is having a really hard time. When he is left home alone, he is destroying the apartment. He has pulled down all of the blinds, dug holes in the wall, chewed the carpeting, and pooped all over. He is house trained, and has been since he was a pup.

Jill is very worried about him, because he doesn't seem happy. She feels horrible for having him there when he is miserable, but she would never ever give him up in a million years, so that's not even an option she has thought about--she would rather keep replacing things he has destroyed. She has taken him to the vet to rule out any medical problems, so I'm assuming he is anxious or stressed.

I gave her sister an ad for the comfort zone thingie and told her to give it a try, but I'm looking for other options. I also told her to call a behaviorist, maybe he or she would be able to help. I know a few of you have had anxious doggies, any advice would be greatly appreciated.