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Thread: Im Getting A Hamster SOON!!

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    Thanks! I check petfinder, nothing came up. I was doing some search in the phone book and they have this place its a rescue group and they listed what they usually have and hamsters was one of them. Maybe me and my mom will drive down there since it isnt far away.

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    that wouldent be a bad idea
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    Good luck with your new hammy, Amber. Be sure to read up on their care and feeding, etc. There's plenty of free info on the net.

    Here's one of several Hamstercams:


    Show us a pic when you take one.


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    Originally posted by subwayseries

    Show us a pic when you take one.
    How do you take a picture?

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    Originally posted by Amber
    How do you take a picture?
    What? I think she means take a picture of the new hammy when you get it.

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    Oh!! Im sorry! Im such a dork! lol

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