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Thread: My cat eats A LOT!!!!!

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    My cat eats A LOT!!!!!

    Hi! My cat, Misty eats A LOT! We go through about 2 1/2 cans of cat food a day! Is this normal? When she wakes up, finishes playing, and when she gets off my lap she goes to eat! She is not fat though. Does anybody else's cat do this? Please tell me! Could she be pregnant???
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    Welcome to PT! How old is your cat? I suppose she could be pregnant, that amount of food is far too much for one cat! Could she have worms?

    I'm sure someone else here will be able to suggest what the problem is - if not, I think a trip to the vet will be in order.

    Good luck finding out the reason!

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    To much food in one day. I would call vet make an appt.
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    Welcome to Pet Talk. This sounds like a lot of food per day for only one cat. As others have suggested, I'd take her to the vet for a check up. She may have worms. Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    Welcome to PT! How old is your cat? My Romeo would like to eat all day if he could, but I won't let him. He acts like he is always hungry, but I don't give him food everytime he wants it. If he begs for food, i will not give him any, and soon he realizes he will not get a treat, he goes off to play. Romeo is 7 months old.
    Your kitty may be wanting to eat, out of habit, like my Romeo does, but if not, he may have worms. I agree to have him checked by the vet.

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    Better watch it or your cat might end up looking like this!

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    I have two cats that loves to eat, then my Joey he hardley eats hid food but he sure loves his treats. Sabrina and Toby they eatting more now beacuse it is cooler, in the summer my cats don't eat that much because I guess it is too hot for them. When I feed Sabrina she would eat the whole food out of her plate and she would sleep for awhile and wake up later looking for more food to eat. And Toby would eat his first alittle bit then come back and eat some more. But he is always looking for something different and he is alittle bit overweight. You can try feeding your kitty a fiber diet that tend to make the cat get full faster and tend not eat much. That will fill them up faster and your kitty won't be looking for food all the time.

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    That's far too much food. Take her to the vet so you'll find out why she's eating that much.

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