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Thread: Hi Barney!!

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    Hi Barney!!

    Wow, look at that sweet face you have Mr. Barney. Such a pretty boy!!! Congratulations Mr. DOTD!!! We can tell you are a sweetheart. We wanted to pass along something to you....when it gets harder to jump up on the bed, tell your loving family to get you a stepping stool to jump up on first thats lower than the big bed. It will turn your life into a breeze!!! We are so small so we know all about this. Enjoy your day cutie pie and remember to love your life like we do.

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    Barney the Cute!

    Barney, as the first posting for you suggested, steps for the bedside will bring you such happiness! You can buy unpainted ones, or buy them at doggie stores, I (Gracie the Dog) am 9, and have hips that don't work very well, but walk right up the steps! Until we bought them, my dad stacked boxes of various heights to figure out how tall the steps should be.

    You are a lovely child, and a fortunate one as well!

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