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Thread: Your Dogs first bath?

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    Your Dogs first bath?

    I thought it would be cute to see your dogs first bath.

    This is Chester's

    If you have any pics, post 'em!

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    How cute!!!!!!!

    Look at little Chester---awwwwwwww!!!

    I don't usually take pics for baths--I'm struggling to stay dry and on my feet!!!!
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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    Oh my gosh! Look how tiny and cute he is!!

    I don't have any first time bath pics. Not having a digital
    camera back when M&M were puppies, I don't think it even
    occurred to me to take a bath pic. With Oz, he was scared
    at first, so I had to get in the tub with him. Not conducive to
    picture taking.


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    Oh! He was so tiny!

    Nope, no pics. I have to get into the shower myself so I'll stick with Par
    Not conducive to
    picture taking.

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    Oh my GOSH! How tiny was he? Must have been pretty easy to give a bath to him! Lol What a cutie!

    Mickey's first bath was the day we brought him home or the day before. The breeder gave it to him but I don't have any pics. I don't have any other bath pics either (I regret it) when he was smaller either.

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    Aww Chester is soo cute!
    I never take pictures of them in baths, because I usually get in the shower with them. The only exeption I made was for Darlin's bbirthday. I realy wanted to take some bath pictures, so here's one from those.

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    Pep just got his first bath since we got him a few weeks ago, and I did somehow manage to get pics. Here's one

    (he refused to put that one paw down, he hates water, lol)

    I don't have any of Honey's first bath
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    I don't have pictures of Sylvia and Harley's first baths, but I just wanted to say that the puppy pic of Chester is soooo cute. He might be the cutest puppy I've ever seen, and that's hard to do cause they are all adorable.
    Billy and Willy! (2 of my 4)

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    Hm.....I've tried to take pictures of Moose in the bath before [doesn't work]. I need both hands to keep him in the tub and water goes EVERYWHERE. I tried to snap a quick picture while he was standing there and trying to shake off all the water, but it seemed like the second I got the camera in place and ready to go he didn't want to stand there anymore and decided to try and hop out. Yeah, he's clever like that. I'll work on getting

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