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Thread: Am I a bad cat mom?

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    Am I a bad cat mom?

    As some of you know Cubby is suppose to take pills for the rest of his life.

    I decided to take him off of his pills. He lost his personality while he was on his pills. He wouldn't play, he just wanted to be held all the time. Which I loved. But when I would give him his furry mice he wouldn't play or the milk rings he wouldn't touch them. I also have those toys on a string and he just looked at them no intrest at all. He seemed very depressed most of the time. So we took him off of his pills, today is the 4th day with out his pills and last night HE STARTED TO PLAY again! My husband started waving his fake furry mouse in front of him (his mice have little beads in them so they rattle.) and as soon as Cubby heard the rattle he started to bat at it. And then he got tired and quit batting at it so hubby put his mouse down and Cubby picked it up and moved it.

    Cubby has had no intrest in playing at all. Now he wants to play a little, the pills are still wearing off so I think it might be a few more days before he gets back to his old self. Or at least I hope he does. He is also back to chewing on are hands if he doesn't feel like being petted, on his pills if he didn't want to be petted he would just lay there and wouldn't purr.

    Also today I noticed when I was holding him that he use to grunt when you would hold him or if you woke him up or if he didn't want to be bothered again he never would do that on his pills. I never realized how much I missed that little grunt of his. I never realized how much I loved the way my cat was, even with his humping problem. He hasn't tried to hump me, or hubby or anything else while he was on his pills, and he hasn't tried to since we took him off his pills.

    Now I am wondering if I am a bad cat mom for taking him off his pills for my own peace of mind. He is slowly getting back to his old self which I love more than ever. I missed all the little things he use to do that I thought I wouldn't ever miss, like the biting the grunting, the playing, the crying, the staring. Well you get my point.

    So what do you think? Am I a bad cat mom?

    Katie and Cubby
    P.s. Sorry this is so long. I am just over joyed that he is who he once was again.

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    You sound like a wonderful and loving catmom to me. I have had to refuse medications for my own children as well. Doctor does NOT always know best - they don't live with us and have the instincts and insights that we have. I am very happy to hear that Cubby is becoming his old self. Any medication that can change him that much has got to be questionable. You are a GOOD catmom!

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    I agree - you are a good cat mom! Our cats are just cats and will do silly cat things. Sometimes we just have to accept that they may be a bit weird at times and we love them just the way they are.

    My Mishi reminded me of Cubby when he recently started doing the same thing. It started innocently enough and I thought it was adorable when he started kneading my teddy bear Muffy the same way my RB Goldie used to:

    Then I came home one evening and he didn't greet me at the door which was unusual. I walked into the bedroom and saw this:

    He doesn't have the hormones to really be doing this so I just accept it as him being my silly Maine Goon and love him all the same. What a goofball!
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    Lol. I wish Cubby would have done it to a stuffed animal but instead he always tried to hump my legs, or my husbands legs, only when they were under the blankets. There use to be nights I would be woken up by him trying to hump my legs.

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    No, I don't think you are a bad Catmom. I think you are a wonderful Catmom.

    I would do the same thing, in fact I did with Smokey. Smokey went on UTI pills that totally changed his whole demeanor. He went crazy, and got a little on the violent side. Any change in a way a cat is while on medication would be a reason for me to stop the cat from taking it. I just have the vet give me something else instead.

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    You are a great catmom! I had the same experience with my RB kitty Casey (RB, 2002). He was on anti-depressants because of one of the other male cats in my house. He was never the same while on the meds. I finally decided to take him off of them and re-home the other male (Casey was with me far longer than Tucker). It was the best decision I ever made!! Tucker got a wonderful furrrrever home with some friends of mine and Casey was back to his old self.

    Go with your instincts. Unless your cat NEEDS the medicine for say Diabetes or Seizures or some life threatening illness, it's obvious he's better off without them.

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    Well, I guess I have to ask why was he on medication, and what kind was it? I don't remember seeing the thread, sorry.

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    He was on obavan, because he would try and hump us. His humping got to a point that we couldn't stand it anymore. That's when the vet put him on ovaban, his humping stopped but so did his personality.


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    You are a great cat mom. I had a cat who I have lost several years ago who was put on this medication also. I couldn't stand what it did to her. Who wants a drugged cat and what cat wants to live life in a drugged state? So I took her off the meds and put up with all her extremely weird behavior and appreciated every minute of it.

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    Oh, I so didn't know that! I, too, have a kitty that humps. I can only tell you that it does slow with age. I also 'give' him acceptable softies to do it to. I am very sorry. I know that you struggled with this. I remain confident that your decision is the best for you, and Cubby!

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    It sounds like you made the right choice - and you are a wonderful cat mom! I know if I were in your situation - I would do the same. I don't trust medication sometimes....and if it brings back the old cubby - then all the better! Good luck.


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