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Thread: Any Boston Terrier owners?

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    Evvee is a BEAUTY!!!!!!
    My grandma has a Boston named Oliver, but we call him Oli. Ever since she started him as a stud dog, he has such an attidude! Like he doesn't have to listen to her anymore! Not good!!

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    I don't see boston terriers very often and I doesn't seem like very many people have them. It would be fun for Eevee to meet some one day. They are pretty funny dogs. Thank you all she appreciates the compliments.

  4. It's so funny, everytime i take max out, he gets lots of attention, especially here in fl there are not alot of bostons, he gets overheated so quickly. but it seems everyone has had one, grew up with one, knows someone who has one, etc. i have a cute picture of max on my desk, i work at the place where you renew your license plates on your car, and everyone has a comment on bostons. he loves the car, and especially likes to watch motorcycles. i have tried to download a picture of him, i just can't get the hang of it. i wish eevee lived closer. bostons play so well together. max's operation is on thurs morning, keep good thoughts for him.

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    I know it's funny. When we take Eevee out for walks people constantly talk about how they had a boston when they were little or they know people who have them etc. etc. My friend at work talks about how she has seen some people at the dog park with three bostons after work. It's a dog park so we decided one day to check it out with Eevee, and much to our dismay we missed them. When we showed up all the people there said we just missed them. I would love to see her playing with other boston terriers, and I know she would be ecstatic. Boston terriers are so funny and all around wonderful dogs. All of the people I have talked with who have some type of history with them say such positive things. Good luck Max, we will be thinking positive. And we're wishing for a super super quick recovery. Maybe potential boston buddy in denver, colorado will see this and eevee will make a new friend. Zeke boy, her little viszla brother is driving her nuts.

    Hug max boy for us,

    Nicholle and Eevee( aka Winky )

  6. Max is doing well, his surgery was on thurs, he is back home with mom and dad, everyone has made adjustments for him (like putting the mattress on the floor so he can't jump.) he is so sweet, and the vet said he is doing well, only 50 more days of recovery!!!
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    This is my boy, Bobby.

    There's a really good BT board to talk with other Boston owners.

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  8. yes, i am addicted to that, i read it everymorning. i havent' posted there yet but it is wonderful. i couldn't get in yesterday, is it down? my daughter just got another boston, rocky, on friday. so max and rocky are adjusting.

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    there are alot of bostons around here and i cant get enought of em! they are sooo playful, even til their last days! my grandpa had a female that he had for about 16 years, so she knew her way around the house and yard. which was good since she became blind and alittle deaf but still wanted to play. to play with her we would throw her ball hard against the garage so she could hear it, then she would sniff the ball out, find it, and then sniff u out so u could throw it again. my grandpa has had about 10 bostons and my aunt has had 2.
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    Thanks everyone, all of your doggies are cute!

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    eevee the boston terrier

    I have a 7 months old Boston terrier named eevee.

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    Boston Terrier info

    Quote Originally Posted by isis View Post
    Hi,does anyone have any pics and info about Boston Terriers?They are just cute and I would really like some info.I just can't find any! I ahev not seen that many peaple who own any on here.Please help anyone. Thanks.
    Check out Texas Gulf Coast Boston Terrier Rescue. They also have a Facebook page. They are a good place for pictures and information. This group pulls them out of kill shelters and adopts them out. They are non profit. They rescue them, take them to a vet, volunteers get them healthy. Then they are adopted to new homes. A happy ending for everyone.

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