I am curious about the chattiness of your kitties. Sammy is fairly quiet. He will meow occasionally, usually at breakfast. Romeo however is VERY talkative. We actually carry on conversations.
When I home from work, both cats are waiting for me at the door. Sammy immediatley comes over to me and starts to rub his face on my legs. Romeo wants to talk first. So he waits for me to talk with him.I always say:"Hello mommy's little darlings, I missed you today." Romeo always seems to ask questions he'll say "mrrrt?" I will say to Romeo"How is mommy's little lamb chop, have you been a good boy?" Romeo replies "mrrrt? Before I scoop them up for kisses, Romeo follows me saying "mrrrt?""mrrrt?" It is so funny and cute! Romeo always does that when I talk to him, he's so silly. Sammy on the other
wants to skip the small talk, and right down to the kisses and hugs!