Pepper, my doberman, seems to be underweight. He is almost 29inches at his withers and almost 1 year but he only weighs around 70lbs. You can see his ribs and if you run your hand down his back you can feel his spine and his hip bones kinda. We just adopted him through dobe rescue about 2 months ago and he was underweight when we got him. I think he may of gained a pound or two since we got him. We are almost positive he doesn't have worms, he isn't lethargic(the complete opposite ) he doesn't have diarrhia(sp?), and other then the fact of him being underweight he seems to be in wonderful health. but just to be sure we are going to take a stool sample to be tested next time we take him to the vet.

Anyway, i have 2 questions. Does anyone have any idea why he may be underweight, and does anyone know how we could put some weight on him?

Any help will be greatly appriciated!