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Thread: OMG please help, something wrong with Tagies!!

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    OMG please help, something wrong with Tagies!!

    Ok, my 2 year old black cat Tage who is normally in good health is now stumbling around almost falling on his side while trying to walk, weaving his head back and forth, walks with his hind legs spliced out, and gets spooked when I put my hand near his head (he NEVER does that with me.)

    But a few seconds later he was normal again, and then it happened again, and now he's "semi" normal.

    I have the carrier out and ready incase I have to take him to the ER, even though we don't have enough money for that, but I will take him if I have to and do what I can. Plus I have my young child here getting around is not easy if I have to wait at the vet forever with a misbehavied child, my fiance isn't home yet.

    Please advice, what could possibly be wrong with him, and come on so quickly. There are no poisons around that he could have gotten into.
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    You need to get your cat to a vet ASAP! Don't mess around with something like that. It could be an inner ear infection or something neurological. Is he strictly indoors?? If he goes outside, he could've been in a fight, struck by a car. It could be a number of things that I certainly wouldn't want to try and diagnose, not having a DVM license.

    PLEASE!! take him to the vet.

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    I agree with Moosmom - Get thee and the cat to a vet ASAP! Let us know what happens. Prayers and paws crossed for a good result.

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    Took the words right out of my mouth! Poor Tage. It could be any of the things moosmom said, or he could be having a seizure (?).

    Praying for Tage
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    Please let us know what the vet says!!!!! Very concerned for your poor kitty!
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    That's scary! That's how my Maddie's problems started. Please get Tagies to the vet; they may be able to give him some meds and help him if they catch it early.
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