While shopping in Wal-Mart on the cat food aisle.... a man approached my husband and I about some kittens at his home. To make a long story short, we agreed that if they could catch them (a litter of 5) we would take them in with a donation of a large bag of food!

His wife, was able to catch 2 of them, and brought them over today. You won't believe this.... they are 2 tuxedos!!! She said all of them are black and white's except for 1 solid black! Now we have two complete tux litters right here on PT. Now COMEON all you tux lovers, let's ADOPT some of these babies!!!!

They are pretty feral right now.... hiding behind the toilet in my bathroom. But here are a couple of teaser pics....
The one on left is male and the right (longer hair) is female!