well scarlett adventurely got back to her barking self think it was a fluke of some kind

anyway she is still alive but we gave her away she wasn't happy at all here so my paarents and i talked it over and we decided that giving her to a loving owner would be best she deserves to be happy.

it wasn't easy but i had to think of scarlett 1st so last monday my dad took her to her new owner where they will give her the love and care she needs.

we still have truffles though and she seems to of adjusted to being well w/o scarelett .i just hope scarlett is happy

plus scarlett will get the care she needs we couldn't cause my family has had so many surgeryies done myself included (i just got a new vns replaced last week vns= vagus nerve stimulater) a brain pace maker it helps control my seizures.

so i have been taking it easy while trying to get healed.my dad had a few surgeryies as well long story there but a happy ending anyway scarlett is w/ a new loving ower and hopefully happy.take care