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Thread: An interesting article -- What do you think?

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    An interesting article -- What do you think?

    It brings up some good points. I do believe that most dog people would say that dogs are smarter, and most cat people will say that cats are smarter. Myself, being a dog person, say that dogs are the smarter of the two.

    What do you think?
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    I'm a dog lover and I've always found dogs to be smarter. There extremly intelligent, and can perform amazing jobs no cat could do.
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    I'm more of a cat person but I believe dogs are much smarter.

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    I've ALWAYS thought dogs are smarter.

    I have never seen a cat rescue someone out of a burning building, colapsed snow, sniff out bombs or other explosivies and so on.

    Dogs are so amazing with their capabilities and intelligence, I'll NEVER understand why anyone could dislike them.

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    I don't know which is smarter, but I do know that having dogs is like having children, but having cats is like having room mates.

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    I think dogs are smarter, but I still have more respect for cats.

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    I think my dog is smarter than my cat, but my cat is more manipulative. Not sure how that works, but it's true!

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    Originally posted by babolaypo65
    I think my dog is smarter than my cat, but my cat is more manipulative. Not sure how that works, but it's true!
    Excellent point.

    I don't think either is smarter. I think we expect more from our dogs and our cats we just let live.

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    why would a cat let on he's smarter than a dog??

    it's a tactical advantage.

    when you can train a dog to clean himself, poop in a box and demand that you feed them seafood---THAT will be the day.
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