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Thread: Another Contest!

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    Another Contest!

    I have two ideas for contests... please vote for what you think I should do first.

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    May 2003
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    Tails! lol

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    Jan 2003
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    We've already had the nicest eyes contest in dog general and cat general, so I want something new, so I voted tails.
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    I accidently voted for eyes, but then I remembered we already did that, so tails

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    Oh I didn't know that there was an eyes contest, so there will be a tails contest.
    pssst... i want to see some rattie tails

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    I think we had a tails contest once too.

    I'd like to have another eye one since I didn't submit Simba's eyes last time.

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    Originally posted by Kfamr
    I think we had a tails contest once too.

    I'd like to have another eye one since I didn't submit Simba's eyes last time.
    We were *supposed to* have a tails contest, and I even PM'd Luckies4me the pics, but she never put the contest up. Oh well. I vote tails.

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    do both!!!
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    ya have to do eyes I have a springer and he has no tail!!!
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