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Thread: I need some urgent Prayer from you prayer warriors out there...

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    I need some urgent Prayer from you prayer warriors out there...

    A girl that goes to my church went into the hospital last night with fluid on her lungs. She is 36 weeks pregnant (she also has very high blood pressure from the pregnancy). She had the baby in the ICU via c-section this morning. The baby was taken to another hopstial on a breathing machine and antibiotics (she has fluid in her lungs, but it may just be from amniotic fluid)...but just to be sure they are treating her. The mother is still in ICU of a different hospital (on a breathing machine and antibiotics), and i just got a call that they are having trouble with her heart now (the mother's). Please lift up those prayers if you wouldnt mind. The father of the baby is with the baby now and the mother has her mother with her.

    I will post updates.

    Please pray.



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    Wow, boy does that hit home for me! I am only 15 weeks pregnant but have high blood pressure (have had it for 13 years) and it has been high. I will be sending all my prayer and positive thoughts their way........
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    Prayers have gone out for your friends and please keep us posted. How terrifying for the family.

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    Oh my, so sad. Let us pray for the mother and her sweet newborn baby.

    Dear Father in Heaven, please send healing powers and good vibes for this poor women and her newborn child. Give her family strength in this time of uncertaintanty. Please heal this women and child, so that mother may grow to know child, and child mother. I pray that you give them the strength to fight this terrible illness with ferrocity, and that they recover quickly so that the family can spend time together, enjoying this very special time in their lives. In your sons name, Amen.

    This is just so sad. What a terrible thing to have happened. I truly hope that both the mother and baby recover soon, so that they may be reunited. Please keep us updated. Do the doctors know what is causing the fluid to build up in the lungs of the mother?
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    13 months ago my family was in the same posistion. (my neice was unconscience in the hospital for almost 3 months after giving birth to her daughter 3 months premature)
    Today all is well, maybe not perfect, but normal, so miracles do happen.
    To help little miracles along, many prayers will be said for your friend and her baby.

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    Positive healing thoughts going her way.

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    I'm sending all my thoughts and prayers.
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    Prayers on their way for Mom and baby. Miracles do happen.
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    Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way.

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    She and her family are in my thoughts. *hugs*
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    Prayers on the way for the entire family.

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    I'm so sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers are on the way for her and her family
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    Robyn, thank you for making us aware of this frightening situation. I will definitely remember your friend and the baby in my prayers.


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    Heavenly Father, You said in Your word that by the stripes of Jesus that we are healed. Father I pray that you would touch this woman and her little baby and bring wholeness to both of them. I pray that this be done to bring You glory. Father, I also pray that you would bring the family peace in this time, that they would know that they are in Your hands. I pray this in Jesus Name, Amen.

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    Prayers on the way...

    Father God....
    I lift that precious mother and her baby up to You now and ask that You will make a miracle for them. Please keep Your healing hand over them and I claim a complete healing and 100% health for them. Please be with there family in this hard time.. give them strenght and comfort them. I know Yyou are the giver of all good things and that through You all things are possible...

    In Jesus' name I pray ..

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