I just thought i would update on all of this to those of you who were concerned and prayed...thank you so much!!

The baby went home a week or 2 ago and is doing great...the grandma (mother of the husband) is staying at the house and caring for her, and will be for a very long time. The mother is finally able to come home today, but will be on strong heart medication the rest of her life (assuming it keeps working well for her...otherwise in a year it is possible she may need a heart transplant). She cant have any more children and will need to take it easy...she wont really be able to care for the baby much at all, so the grandma will remain there.

Inspite of all of this...we are praising God that she lived throuht it all and is finally gonna be home with her little one. I believe that God works miracles and who knows, maybe her heart will just continue to improve and she will continue to get much healthier even than the doctors anticipate! So please continue to keep this family in your prayers...they have a lot to deal with right now; they havent even been married for a year yet and are relatively young (mid to late 20's)...anyway, i will update further, if i hear anything else.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. The Lord surely heard them!!