well scarlett is not doing to good she went from being a mean pooch to a wimpering puppy.she is only 4 and a while back she had a seizure well i think it was a seizure???????or maybe a stroke,ugh i should know if it was a seizure i've had epilepsy my whole life,but i wasn't here when she had that seizure my parents were .course also i'm hardly EVER ALERT during my seizures i'm out cold can't see or heard whats going on

since that seizure she has become a puppy all over again she can't climb the stairs good i have to carry her up and down the stairs,and her balance is awful she can barley walk its like she is diteerating before my eyes.

my mom said she may of broken her spinal cord,is that possible?if so how would i know??????????i think my dad is gonna take him to the vet my poor baby only four years old.never thought i'd say this but i miss the barking and growling scarlett anyway sorry i haven't pposted in awhile i've been having a rough time life doesn't get any easier on my side of earth lol.take care