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    Please help Handsome

    I am a volunteer for Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League and I am sending this email hoping you will be able to help us and a Great Dane named Handsome. His full story can be found at

    Here is the latest update from his Foster Mom as of 7/14.
    Handsome had a relapse of demodex and was started on the Ivemec treatment. We did the graduating dosage until he got to 7.2 cc's a day. He seemed to do fine until around the third or fourth day of 7.2 cc's and then it was downhill after that. He would or could not get up, defecated and urinated on himself and was basically in a coma like state. We stopped the ivemec (and he got better, not totally but would walk outside) We took him to the vet and the one vet said the dosage is to high, but the other vet disagreed and said start it back. So we did and again the same results. Again we stopped. So I guess we will try the dips again. Handsome is for sure not himself. He sleeps most of the time and walks like he is drunk at times also. Anyone had similar effects while on Ivemec?? Would also be interested in the dosages other people administered.

    The court date is Wednesday the 16th. I recently got a e-mail from Penelope Vile who was the other AC officer involved in the case and she too has left AC. So that leaves us with no AC officer witnesses. I fear that the case may be dropped. I went this morning to the DA's office and found that Luis Olivera will be prosecuting the case but he is also preparing for a murder trial and so they are unsure if he will actually be the prosecutor, so basically we still do not know who will be prosecuting. I am going back tomorrow at 3pm to talk to any prosecutor who will listen to me. I know many of you have written me asking me why Gary Naler (AC officer) was not arrested for not showing up at the last court date. I have no answers. Calley and I have been calling and calling and we get no where. Our fear is that this case will be thrown to the wayside because in NC it is a misdemeanor. If they can throw this animal cruelty case aside as horrendous as it was and continues to be, the fate of all the other animals that need a voice to speak for them are in dire straits.

    Please help us get this story out to the public. Handsomes abusers cannot get away with this.

    Thank you for your time
    Lori Gray
    MAGDRL Volunteer

    [email protected]
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