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Thread: A horrible incident in my hometown ....

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    A horrible incident in my hometown ....

    I don't know if this has made the news out of this area or not.

    Last weekend a man put his three year old daughter and his girlfriend's three year old son in a tent in the yard at 10:00 pm, and padlocked the door. He did not check on them until 1:00 pm the next afternoon.

    The little boy was dead, and the little girl was in serious condition. The temperature inside the tent was 123 degrees F. The little girl told police that when it got "really hot" in the tent that they started to "cry and scream and scratch at the door, but he still wouldn't let us out."

    OMG. I'm just shocked.
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    Wow..I didnt hear about that...some people...Thats just horrible!...

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    That is truly horiffic......Those poor kids..... ;_;

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    How awful!!

    I ask again, what is wrong with people???
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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    That's all I can say: what's wrong with people.

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    people suck.

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    What a sick SOB!

    This is proof that animals have more sense than us humans! Poor kids! I hope that creep gets what he deserves!!! !!!

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    OMG. Those poor little children! That man better get what he deserves! Grrr that really makes me mad (and sad).
    Dayna, Alex, Phoebe, Cleo, Rolo, Scooter, & Holly

    Thank you so much Popcornbird!

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    Just another example of why I hate people.

    Don't buy while shelter dogs die!!

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    Originally posted by mugsy
    Just another example of why I hate people.
    here's one more...

    a woman who ran a DAY CARE CENTER left her foster
    kids inside her SUV. the cops said the little 5 year old tried to open the doors but could not, because of the child proof locks on the doors.
    one kid died in the car, the other in the hospital.

    Plus, locally, there were TWO other instances of kids being left in cars over the weekend....

    i'm with Ice...

    people do suck.
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    Originally posted by iceyshiver21
    people suck.
    I agree! Too bad we couldn't round them all up and send them to Spain for the Running of the Bulls! Then we'd see who abuses who.
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    Originally posted by slick
    I agree! Too bad we couldn't round them all up and send them to Spain for the Running of the Bulls! Then we'd see who abuses who.
    Tempting...very tempting

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    Geesh, why do people have be so cruel?? Some people should never have children!
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