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    seal-point Siamese searching........

    ....has produced more unexpected results. Today I drove to the Wichita, Kansas animal shelter to seek at least one of two seal-points shown on their web site. After I finally found the shelter, it was realized that I was an hour early before they opened the doors. Right after I pulled into the parking lot, another car pulled in beside me. In it were an elderly couple with a cat to surrender to the shelter. She took the cat to the entrance for surrendered animals. In a few minutes she came back out, which she said, "they practically ran me out of the place" because, they didn't open the doors until 11:00 AM I noticed the pet carrier inwhich they had the cat, and remarked, "that is a pretty orange tabby cat you have there". She went on to explain that it was rescued from a business, and presented to her by her daughter. After some explaining, she asked "Do you want him?". Of course I said, "Yes". ('Cannot allow a beautiful orange tabby kitten be placed in a shelter where he may be euthanized). She went on to say that he keeps running in front of me, and we are too old to mess around with a cat, because of the danger of falling down, and besides, I am not interested in driving all the way out here again to surrender a cat! Also, she said that he was a very affectionate kitty and that he had his shots and vet's check-up. So, I took the kitten, and waited another 40 minutes for the shelter to open up. Afterwards, I went in and was told that both the seal-point Siamese that I had been looking for had been adopted yesterday. But that didn't make too much difference to me, since I rescued another very pretty (orange tabby) kitten.

    On the way home, I drove through a small country town, where some folks had set up a yard-sale sign, with some goods displayed. I immediately recognized a pet carrier on the display table. So, I stopped and bought it because I was going to purchase a new one at Walmart's when I got home. Upon closer inspection it appeard brand new, and for only $5.00 . (The 200-mile round trip was worth the effort for both the kitten and the new pet carrier.)

    I brought the orange tabby inside, and almost immediately he began playing with Callie with a dangly-bird cat-toy, after a few hisses, but nothing important. She was right, he is very affectionate and loyal kitten,and his coat has definitely an orange hue. I havn't named him yet. He is about the same age as Midnight- probably about 4-5 months. I plan to take him to my vets' in the morning for a regular check up. This is another case of being at the right place, at the right time, because if I had been 5 minutes later, I would have missed the rescue. He is a cuddler kitten, who follow me around the house and purrs whenever I pick him up. Right now he is a little overwhelmed by the number of furkids, who want to know him, because he whines, and growls at them. But there has been no aggressive behavior from the others. This is a good sign of him fitting into my menagerie after a few days.
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