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Thread: siamese/manx mix

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    is there any one in the Oklahoma panhandle area that would be interested
    in trading Cats.
    Manx,Siamese, or Manx/Siamese

    I call mine Celtic Cross Cat's

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    got four Kittens last night
    three with tails one with out
    that makes six this month
    two short tailed

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    I just found this forum and cant believe so many people love siamese/manx cats. I have a beautiful 4 month old seal point simanx. I also have a half brother of his that is a pure breed blue point siamese. I absolutly love siamese. I cant really find to many good pictures of true tailess siamese, so if anyone could send some pictures of their own to me i would love it!! ([email protected]) He are a few pictures of Sid, my simanx.

    Sid at 8 weeks

    Sid at 10 weeks

    Sid at 3 months

    Thanks kittycats_delight!!

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    I got Misha, my Manx/Siamese, from an acreage outside Edmonton, Alberta in October, 1999. He was born into a household with children, dogs, and horses and was quite an aggressive little guy. My other cats, who I believe are descended from Chartreux, were a taken aback by his boldness, friskiness, and spunk. Over time, he adjusted to our lifestyle and turned out to be a very sensitive, loving, jealous, one-owner cat. He's talkative and expressive with a wonderful voice.
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    Another showing Misha's pom-pom tail.
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    I was completely unaware that so many people own these wonderful cats. I have a 1 year old blue point siamese/manx cat. She is amazing. I would never purchase any other breed of cat. Intelligent, gentle and beautiful. It is wonderful to hear that there are so many other people who appreciate these wonderful cats. Those pictures are of my little one Bailey. She is almost 1 year and 4 months old, and weighs about 7 pounds.

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    Any updates? I'd love to hear of people breeding what I call Sia-Manx. I'm just getting into it myself. Looking desperately for a flame point female.

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    aww what pretty kitties everyone has!!

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    Amadeus, lilac point

    This is a Peterbald (Hairless and Siamese or Oriental cross). they are really neat. They have the Siamese personality, but none of the shrill cry....
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    R.I.P Mitsoux July 8th

    My baby girl Mitsoux was a 2 year old siamese manx, god rest her soul, she was the most loving thing ever, she would give kisses all the time and had to be around you 24/7, she had her wierd little things like everyone does, she loved junk food, my mum would come after work with her snack and sit in my room to watch T.V and Mitsoux would be right there like c'mon I'm cute, where's mine and they would share everything, every snack my mum had Mitsoux had too she even tried to drink my mum's drinks lol the other thing she loved was napkins, don't ask me why but we had napkins on our dining room table one night and found them chewed up upstairs infront of my parents room, so we got some more and sure enough same thing she would hop up on the table and steal the napkins and she loved to chew on plastic bags, I hated when she did that cause it scared me, so i would get her to stop and 2 mins later she was right back at it. sorry for venting my sorrows but I was using petlynx, first time ever and they had found her so i went up there and it turns out she was deceased when they found her, why do cats insist on going outside, she was an indoor cat, she got out on the 7th and was picked up on the 8th, I'm sorry but no one understands why I'm upset, she was a part of the family, I hope there are some cat lovers on here who can share some stories about how they reacted when their pets passed on, I need to know that I'm not being stupid crying over a cat, thank you

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    I think it's spelled Bosheeta...

    I had a cat that was half Siamese and half Manx. She was 19 when she died and I have her 20 year old kitten. She was the most amazing cat. The breed negates the negative traits of each breed and enhances the positive. She had a word/sound for everything. I knew what she wanted from the sounds she made. She also was very sensitive. She'd climb up on my shoulder and purr if I was feeling sad and stay there until I felt better. She actually attacked the back of a blind date that was twice my size and harming me.

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    Truly Great Cats

    I have a 3 year old and she is the greatest cat. Everything I have read here is true of my cat as well. I don't think I could own another breed of cat.

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    Siamese manx


    I did a google search for cats like mine and came across this site. After seeing the beautiful female Siamese Manx kitten a few posts back, I decided I should post mine as well. My fiance and I picked up our seal point Siamese manx about 5 months ago after he had turned 12 weeks old. He didn't really like us or his new home for a week or so, but with lots of patience and intense love sessions, he is now starting to come around and really show affection.

    Having had my fair share of cats, I can see that this species of cat are big, strong and very smart! Before the Lord blessed us with Boots, we had a pixie bob who also shared these same traits. After having to put him down, we decided to find another exotic looking cat to add to the two we have, Sassy being a 6 year old petite black bombay, and her son McGiver, or "Giver bare" who is a 25 lb all dark blueish gray. Boots is an amazing addition to our home, and I would recommend this breed to any one!

    Here is a picture of a pixie bob I picked up from google, this looks EXACTLY like the one we had to put down who's name was Fozzy bare.

    Thanks to all the posters! God Bless!!!

    Nick and Jessica

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    I love my Siamese cat Cocoa. He is an Applehead Siamese, which means he has a rounded head (and a big brain). He is very smart and cooperative, walks on a leash, and does tricks. Also very affectionate, a lap cat, and he wraps his paws around you when you pick him up (hugs).

    He is a rescue so he is scared of strangers, children, dogs, and loud noises. He had some injuries before I got him, so it is understandable. He has gotten more relaxed over the years.

    He wasn't vocal at all when I got him, but he has learned if he says what he wants, he has a better chance of getting it.

    Siamese are a great blend of intelligence, affection, and cutenes!
    Cathy loves Cocoa Kitty.

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