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Thread: Friday the 13th.

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    Friday the 13th.

    Is anyone out there superstitious when it comes to Friday the 13th? Does it bring you good luck or bad luck?

    I consider it a lucky day because I met my husband on a blind date on a Friday the 13th. We've considered it our lucky day ever since.

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    To me it's just a day where, sometimes, they play cool movies.
    Other than that...... it's just another day.

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    Friday the 13th is good luck for Italians so its all good here Plus, I had an exam today so hopefully this 'lucky day' will work for me.

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    Originally posted by primabella
    Friday the 13th is good luck for Italians so its all good here
    I have never heard that before--cool!!!

    I hate Friday the 13th. I had a bad experience once on one a few years ago (very long story), and can't stand the day ever since. I haven't left the house yet, and only will to go to work at 5. I'm weird, I know.
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    Ive had a bad experience on friday the 13th too...that was the day my mom got into a car, yes i believe it to be a day of bad luck.

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    I'm normally not superstitious but I am towards a few things. To me, friday the 13th is just another day. Most people view it as an unlucky day..but I only think it's cuz they focused (or expected) something bad to happen.

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