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Thread: Frisco's acting wierd....Tylan side affects???

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    Frisco's acting wierd....Tylan side affects???

    When I woke up this morning, Frisco was chewing like crazy on a pig's ear. A little unusual, at that time he's usually sleeping. Then he started bouncing around like crazy in popcorn-mode. Then he was itching and grooming out of control. I figured he was just in a playful mood, until he started eating his wet shavings!! He started chowing down on the aspen, and only the wet stuff!

    I took out the litter box...But I'm still a little worried.... It's not so great to be eating urine Should I be worried? Is this a side affect of the tylan? Icarus is his normal self....

    Any ideas? Opinions?
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    maybe you should consult the vet and see what the side effects are of tylan?? I hope everything goes better with your baby. how is Icarus acting??
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    Icarus is his normal cute little self lol...So cute...
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