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    I know i just posted about her, but something else with her is, a few months ago, she had a cold, congested sounding and couldnt breathe out of her nose, did that open mouth breathing...took her to the vet and she told me what to give her, what to do, etc, and it got better, now she has started that open mouth breathing again, only now and then. but it bothers me, she looks at me and has her mouth open, a look on her face like hey I can't breathe, then she is ok again before I really get worried. I just wonder if there is something wrong with her nasal passage/pathway?

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    I would give the vet a call and let her/him know the change in Cassie's condition! Open mouth breathing is definitely a sign that she is in some distress. It may just be a recurrence of her "cold." Did she complete the full course of medication? I think you would feel greatly relieved to have the vet look at her again. Positive thoughts and well wishes for you, dear Cassie!

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