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Thread: We had the best time last night!

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    We had the best time last night!

    Our local SPCA has started a new event called K9 Cafe! You bring your dog to the new SPCA facility and pay $10 at the door. You get two drink tickets per person. You can get beer, wine, or sodas. They also provide snack food and two local dog biscuit makers help sponsor, so there are tons of free biscuits for the dogs.

    It was SO fun! There were about 60 or so dogs in attendance with their owners. Bailey saw some of her doggie pals from Barker Field (the dog park), so she got to play with them. Everybody was so friendly and laid back! (and not just because of the beer and wine ) We had a really big guy there with a shirt on that said "Canine Bouncer", but he didn't have any fights to break up.

    They did one last week for the first time and then the one yesterday. I hope they keep doing this all summer. It is such a great way to raise money for all those doggies, kitties and bunnies at the SPCA. I so wish I had brought a camera! If they do another, I definitely won't forget!

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    That sounds like a great idea! I would have so much fun at something like that.
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    too bad our spca's don't have events like that. It'd be great for Kai to socialize more.

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    That sounds like fun!!!!
    I hope there's another one, so you can get some pictures!!!!!

    One of our pet stores has ice-cream socials on Fridays in August--the event is free, they hold it in the parking lot--all the dogs and owners come, and there's free doggie ice cream!!! It's so cute--when you get there, you get a name tag--mine would say "kito, abbey, and riley's mom"--it's a great way for the dogs to socialize too!!!
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    What a great idea. The SPCA gets to raise money and dog people get to socialize with each other and their pets. Around here it is just by chance that you run into another person with a dog. It would be wonderful to have specific events such as these.
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    Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful idea! And such a fun time for the puppies!

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