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Thread: UpDate on Rainy

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    UpDate on Rainy

    I just wanted to write to you guys abour Rainy. It has probably been about a month or two since Rainy(blue merle sheltie)ran off. Several people had put up flyers but no one has replied. Rainy is still out there somewhere. My friend(Rainy's owner)has given up on finding Rainy. They know she is still out there either rummaging through garbage or in someone's home. Hopefully, she is in someone's home. Well, thats all the info I have now. Talk to you guys later. See ya.

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    I'm so sorry about Rainy. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that at least she is being well taken care of somewhere. I wish I lived closer so I could help look. Keep your head up and don't give up hope.

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    I'm still not going to give up hope. Please keep checking the shelters, newspapers, etc. I'm so sorry for your friend. Hopefully they will, at another time, come to share their loving home with another pup. Thanks for the update! Paws crossed for Rainy's safe return.

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    I feel really sad. But tell your friend not to give up hope. Check shelters and humane societies, and tell her to tell local or in-other-county relatives to post signs, too. I hope she/he is at a shelter or a home where the people are willing to give her back if they see a sign. Best wishes.

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    This sounds crazy, but I was watching Mircale Pets on TV one night. They were talking about this little puppy that dissapeared one day. His owner (a little boy) prayed for him every night. Four years later, the puppy showed back up. Tell your friend not to give up.

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    Don't give up. Someone mentioned in another post that they found their dog after three months!! It had been hit by a car and was recuperating at a local veterinarian's office. I'm sorry I can't remember where the post was, but maybe someone else will and post the link for you to see.

    If Rainy can't be with your friend, I am praying that she is enjoying life in someone else's home. Good luck.

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    Keep lookin', ya never know- my CAT Rainy ( ) has disappeared for 2 weeks several times but always comes back.

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