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Thread: Frito Feet Anyone??

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    So newer folks - have you ever sniffed your dog's feet?
    Yes lol. I asked my boyfriend to a while ago and asked if he thought they smelled like fritos. He said gross and wouldn't smell them

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    Funny enough, when I was doing the "Ask the Vets" show today with Dr. Ernie and Dr. Jeff, Dr. Jeff had a technical issue and dropped out with less than 2 minutes to go, so I just has a minute or so left and ask "Why do my dog's feet smell like Fritos," and he gave an interesting sneer, and said, by the way, that it is important to know what you dogs and cats feet smell like normally, especially so you know if something is wrong .... if they smell strongly of grapes, or of yeast, it indicates a certain type of infection! But Frito Feet or Popcorn toes are normal!
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