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Thread: Frito Feet Anyone??

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    Never has the Last word.
    I was looking for this thread and couldn't find it b/c Kim of kimlovescats comments on it. I have bookmarked it now!!
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    I had to revive this thread.
    Tonight I got an email from one of my shiba groups, titled "Does your shiba smell like corn chips?"
    I immediately thought of this thread, and linked it in my response!!!

    Here's the original message:

    Ok this probably sounds so dumb lol! But was wondering if maybe this
    is just Yoshi or perhaps the Shiba breed in general.
    Decently often I notice that Yoshi smells like Corn Chips or Fritos.
    I also notice that it happens most often when he's really sleepy.
    Anyone else notice this with their shibas? I think it's so cute.

    I think we may have a future pet talker
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    I'm glad you revived this thread! Now I know I'm not crazy, and I can finally admit one of my deep secrets that I have never before shared with ANYONE! I love smelling my dogs' feetsies and giving their feetsies kisses! When they are dry and haven't been walking in something icky that is. I have never mentioned it to anyone before, or ever done it in front of anyone. I have always thought they had a very distinct toasty-like smell, I think fritos is the perfect description of it.

    I once cautiously mentioned to my mother that I actually kind of like the doggy odor, the natural doggy smell. A wet dog can still be a bit strong, especially if they are in bad need of a bath , but I love to bury my face in their fur sometimes and just breath in their natural doggy smell, the same smell I suppose some people think is really stinky and would be appalled to put their face near it. Granted if they are really dirty or have been rolling in something it's not the same

    Now I can finally admit to some of these things without being thought of as a wacko, at least not totally!
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    Ok, the only thing I do with Duke's feet is tickle them However, just last night, I was smelling his doggie smell in his fur. It always makes me happy to do that. I think I'll just smell his feet in a while to see if they smell like that, too.

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    Originally posted by K9soul
    Now I know I'm not crazy, and I can finally admit one of my deep secrets that I have never before shared with ANYONE!
    Don't you love this place? Me too! Yeah, I love my little corn chip feeties. Sometimes with three the whole room smells chippy.

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    Kitty Toes

    Did you know that kitties have frito feet, too? My daughter's doggie is a Fila Brasileiro (I just looked up the name again) - I loved nuzzling her soft coat when I saw them last. I'll have to turn her (mt daughter) on to the "Frito Feet" experience next time I see her!!
    Not only do I love to bury my nose in Grasshopper's (my cat) soft fur and breathe in her catessence, but I learned from Roxy (my daughters dog) how delightful pupper-essence is, too!
    Sniff on, fellow fur lovers!!
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    I missed this thread? I have always loved the smell of Nicki's paws! I thought I was weird and never admitted it to another soul!

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    Seems this thread is always treated to revival, at least once yearly! Kohala, as kids, my brother and I referred to kitty chip footies as "popcorn paws;" the doggies had the Frito feet! Just yesterday I was sitting with Star on the couch; well, she was laying down. She was in that "paws in the air" postion. I couldn't believe the eau de Frito essence wafting through the air! I was 2 feet away from her! She must have been basting them big time!!! My vet (a confirmed, "closet" paw sniffer himself) told me the scent comes from something in their saliva, that as it evaporates, smells like corn chips, Fritos, popcorn! And as we all know, doggies love to lick their feet! I couldn't get enough of that heavenly doggie perfume!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    i really dont think my dogs feet smell liek anything.
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    I remember awhile back reading this! When i first joined! Yes, Yes, i admit to it! And i must admit for my mother too! She is always there with cami saying "Lemme See those little frito feet" I told her about it a while ago! LOL! So, Count cami in as a frito feeter!

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    Would that be frito feeter or frito footer Try saying that a few times real fast I have 24 frito paws in my house right now

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    LOL LOL I just had to hop on here to add a funny little anecdote. Now that I have a dog, I have the joy of smelling frito feet! My mother-in-law is out here visiting Aaron and I, and I told her about Priya's feet smelling like fritos. She kind of gave me a funny look, but that was about it. Well, this morning, Priya was lying on the couch next to her and she lifted one of Priya's front paws and stuck it right up to her nose and sniffed. She looked at me with an amazed expression on her face and said: They DO smell like corn chips!!!
    We both just started laughing so hard. She couldn't believe it! Of course, I told her about this thread and had to show it to her, so we've had a good laugh this morning!! It's so nice to know there are others out there that are sniffing dog's paws.... LOL LOL

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    This is one of those threads that never dies

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    Wow, you people are weird. lol.

    I think Daphne's feet just smell like sweat. Not that attractive. I don't make a habbit of smelling them either.

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    Oh, Wolfie, get with the program!!!!! It's not sweat, it's corn chips!!!!!

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