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    A message from Crow Noir

    I talked to Crow Noir tonight on IM. She wanted me to tell you that she has been swamped with things going on.
    She misses everyone and we are all in her thoughts.
    The friend she mentioned that was missing around Sept, has been found and he is now an angel watching her up in heaven. He is with our Lord up in heaven.
    I am crying for her as I type this.
    She has been having a very rough time with it, but she is holding her own. She is a very strong person.
    Crow Noir, Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers here at PetTalk.
    She also said she will try to get back after the first of the year.

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    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    I'm sorry to hear such sad news. I didn't know her but my prayers are with her.

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    Thank you, Staci, for the update. I didn't remember about her friend, but that is so tragic. Crow Noir, our prayers are with you and we will welcome you back with open arms when you are able to join us again.

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    So sorry for the tragic event, we do miss you and hope things will get better for you soon, will be looking forward to you posting.

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    Crow Noir....keep the faith during these hard times, and remember there are a lot of people who care!!
    Golden smiles,

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