I am looking for a big (German Shepherd size or bigger), adult (4 years or older), laid-back, calm, well-socialized dog who is safe with adults, children, infants, and the family dog and cat. The ideal dog could protect the family if necessary - but only if necessary! No attacking the daughter's boyfriend!

The dog would be loved dearly and kept indoors except when out on walks or when going to the bathroom. He/she would go with me wherever I go (so it would be great if he/she loved car rides!) The dog would never be allowed outdoors off leash unless he/she was in the fenced-in area of the yard.

I'd like a dog who's not too energetic but who could keep up with me on leisurely hiking, camping, and fishing trips.

I don't care what breed it is, as long as it looks at least a little intimidating.

If I can locate such a dog I'm willing to pay to have it transported to me in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. I'd like to have the opportunity to evaluate the dog for a few months and if it didn't work out I'd pay to have it sent back or put in rescue.

If anybody on this board knows of such a rare jewel of a dog, please respond here or email me at [email protected]. Thank you!!!!!