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Thread: what games does your birdie play?

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    what games does your birdie play?

    Tiki plays peek a boo! lol... we put a towel over her and she waits a few seconds, pokes her head out, and we say peek a boo! she cant talk so she doesnt say it back, but you can tell she enjoys it

    I also put her on the dining table and run around it. she chases me around and its so cute.

    and she will lay on her back and wrestle with our fingers...

    what games does your birdie play?

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    My birds dont like to play with me, but they like to chase each other that is pritty cute, I think .
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    lol! soo cute!

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    Rocket and Sky play on their own. They're fairly independant. They'll play acrobat though. Rocket used to play this game where he would walk up my fingers like stairs and then we would play this game that I would gently hit his head and he had to grab my finger. He loved it

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    Aw all your birds sound so adorable.

    I used to have a cockateil who loved to play. He would play tug of war with his toys, and loved to attack my fingers if I moved them around in front of him (he never hurt though) just like a dog.

    He also loved it when you blew air gently in his face. He would bite my lips until I blew at him and then he would try to bite the air. If I stopped he would squawck at me and nibble at my lips until I blew some more. (what a goof)

    He also loved to sit on my shower rod when I had a shower and would sing at the top of his lungs any time water was running.

    If he was on one side of the room I could tap my shoulder and say "come" and he would fly to me and land on my shoulder.

    I think his favourite game of all though, was "chew the rubber buttons off the TV converter"

    He was such a great bird.

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    aww... it sounds like he was so cute!

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