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Thread: Wost day..-sigh-

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    Wost day..-sigh-

    I took the dogs for a run today at my cottage..and I saw this dog when we were coming in so I was like 'Ok, I'll take her this far and put her on lead before the dog gets here..' but some how It came up behind me before I could grab Jo and she started to attack it..So I'm yelling at her, then Zeke starts in at the poor thing too..Now, believe it or not I think Zeke is worst..he was biting her..and it was on its back yelping so I jumped in and grabbed Jo by the scruff and pulled her back. I was almost crying at this point, and she gets away and starts back I grab her again and get a good hold of her and tell my mom to get Zeke cause theres no way I could get both while holding to one. So after a lot of hesitation she gets a hold of him..I was so scared I felt so bad for that poor labbie :[ I found it after and talked to its owner and said I was sorry and all, and she was really understanding and said it was totally fine and that her dog always is running around ppl driving getting in the way..(I don't know if she would have said that if she actually SAW what happened..)

    To top it all off I think I have an ulcer..I feel so sick to my stomach now and the whole drive back..I felt like this the last few days and I think thats what it is..

    100 bucks an hr is just to much for a behavorist..I'm still working on stuff though..anyway sorry to keep on with this but I need to spill to someone..

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    Oh my! I didn't know Jo and Zeke didn't like other dogs.

    I'm glad the Lab and you are not hurt.

    If you are working to correct this behavior... don't give up!
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    I don't think Zeke doesn't..I think he just does whatever Jo does, or maybe he thought she needed help It's really weird lol

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    O I am so sorry ::hugs::. I'm gald the other pup is ok. I'm so sorry about your problems with Jo, hopefully you can find a afordable behaviorist soon.

    Good luck and keep me updated

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    Good luck in finding an affordable behaviorist. That must have been so scary for you and the lab.

    And I hope you don't have an ulcer...those things are bad!

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    Shes the only behaviorist here, so I'm still working with other things and trying new things.

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    Just HOW DO YOU solve a problem like Maria?
    Zeke was probably just trying to pack up Josie, it's part of the pack mentality...believe me I know, Smudge and Winter have almost gotten into it with other dogs a couple of times.

    Keep trying with Jo though, I'm srue that with enough detemination you can deal with it.
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    ::HUGS:: I sure do hope you have a better day tomorrow!

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    Eek, that would have been so scarey!! It's too bad the owners of the lab don't do a better job in keeping him at home and watching him!

    Hope you can get things figure out with Josie! And hopefully Zeke was just trying to protect his bud, and doesn't have any dog aggression issues.

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    Find a friend that has a larger dog that wont hurt a fly. Muzzle ur dog, & try to introduce. thats what we did to a friends 200 pound Rotti. we muzzled him, chained him tight to a tree & brought my dog Max out to say hi, Well the rotti tried his best to kill Max, but we kept Max out of reach & we all just sat there & petted Max at first, then I went up to the rotti & started petting him while to rotti's owner kept petting Max, we kept switching between dog & the rotti, stoped trying to kill Max & an hour later, the rotti was willing to meet max up close & sniff him (muzzle still on). then we took both dogs for a walk (rotti still muzzled) then we went to my place & put both dogs on Max's couch & let the rotti of the leash (still muzzled)... the rotti started to cuddle up to Max & lick him the best he could through the muzzle. Then we took off the muzzle (while my dad was home, just incase) & everything went swell The rotti didn't have as big of a hatred towards other dogs a month later after him & Max were introduced. It was a great thing how that rotti changed. He went from killer to a woof or two & thats it.

    & the reason we called him a killer was cause, he got loose in his yard (but he wont leave the yard line, thank god) & this lady let her Mastif loose!!!!!!!!! Well of course the Mastif charges the rotti & a huge fight breaks out that no one can stop with their hands (dogs too darn big & string) Weel the rotti's master screamed in horror for the rotti to come to her, for the first time ever the rotti did what he was told, he stopped the fight & can trotting to her, but the Mastif was hot on his trail & well she thought her & her dogs lives were in danger & she screamed as the Mastif charged towards her & lets just say, u never want to see a rotti protecting its master, its a bloody mess. The Mastif was torn to shreads & the owner of the Mastif called the cops on the rotti!!! Well the cops wanted to do away with the rotti right there.. but a neighbour came running out & said that the rotti broke off the fight & then only attacked again to protect the Master & the cops called him a killer & said if that killer ever gets loose were shooting it...

    At that time the cops were bad & I mean bad... it took over 20 yrs for the province to notice how bad the cops in that town were.. 90% of them were fired, 9% were transfered & only the chief remains & their trying really hard to get rid of him too... It was a good thing that OPP has started to run the town, or bad things like shooting dogs would still be happening... All a dog had to do was bark at a cop & they would shoot it...

    opps, this is kinda long... sorry guys

    I'm just really proud of the rotti's improvement, he hasn't tried to harm a stupid barking dog in quite a few yrs now. But I think he died a year back or more, cause they went poor & couldn't afford to take him to a vet & he fell horribly ill & droped to about 80 pounds... poor Rocky

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    Thanks, I've thought of that actually but I don't really have any friends who have dogs that aren't REALLY REALLY to say..sulky? I think she'd just get scared lol. My other friends all have cats..I was thinking about asking my neighbor but they used to play a lot so I'm not sure..I was going to take her over there sometime anyway to see..

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    Just as an idea, go talk to ur local animal shelter & see if an agression program can be started. it'll also help tame some of the stray dogs at the shelter... I helped a hyper bitting lab to stop bitting, through the use of a muzzle, she wasn't mean, but I guessed her old owners played with her mouth too much. It took my 2 days to teach her that biting is wrong, I also taught her to sit, stay, come & shake both paws & to get down when she jumped up... I also used cheezy dog treats to show her how good of a girl she was. & evey time she forgot not to bit my hands, I would stick my thumb into her mouth & push on her toungue, which she didn't like, duh, but it helped as well. The only dog I failed was a putt bull gone bad. He was the sweetest dog there, but Ihad to stay away from him because he loved me toooooo much & he would bite me hard & pull me closer to his dog house, he had become jellous (sp) cause I was working with other dogs & not just him... He bit me so hard on my arm I had 2 quater sized bruses (they were black as can be), but he wasn't mean, he just loved me too much & it hurt me to have to stay away from him... but he was sent to putt bull rescue for xmas

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