most ppl dont know that a hamsters wheel is the most important thing to think about when it comes to their safety. Because a wheel like this or simalar to this.. is used so often. it is becomeing a worrie to so many hamster lovers. a wheel like the one above is bad because

A. its runns had hurt hammies legs "breaking, fracturing, cutting off even"..

B. The Bars that run down the sides cause a HUGE hazard because hamsters heads tends to trail in between hinges and get a smack, this could lead to brain hemerage, injuries, and even dealth.

C. This wheel has a tendency to be a LOUD wheel, it squeeks very harshly when it is ran on for to long. You have to put veggie oil on it to make it stop screeching.

this wheel is the safest you can buy. it is cheep and very fun for hammies not to mention confertable as well. It is quiet and has no runs or bars to hurt your hamster.

The only thing wrong with this wheel is that hamster will pee as it runs and make a mess of itself and the wheel. But dont fret because a lil chin sand and a quick trip to the dish washer or sink will fix it all up. ..

this wheel doesn not have the problem with the bars and the head getting stuck because they are very close together. The only thing wrong with this wheel is that is squeeks and has runs.

this wheel is almost IMPOSSIBLE to clean yet it is safe quiet and it fits nicely on a tube accessoried cage.

if you have a wheel with Runs here is a easy and cheep way to fix it. . .. . get cardboard and then cut it out to fit the runs and then weeve it in and out every fourth run. it is easy and cheep. here is a pic of my Cuddles hamster wheel...

good luck with any future or present hammies .