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    we were thinking of getting a new pup! but its only *thinking* of getting one.

    anyway... we contacted the aspca and told them to let us know when they either get a cavalier king charles spaniel or a pomeranian. I am very excited, but am trying not to get my hopes up to high because i know how my parents can be about getting a new pet.

    wish me luck...

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    How exciting! Keep us updated and good luck!

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    Another playmate for Jordan and Jewels?? Sounds great!! I'm happy to hear that you are going to try to get one from the ASPCA--check petfinder, you may just find one tonight!!

    Or, you could always go to the SPCA, and maybe there will be someone there dumping their pup off and driving away
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    Oh Good Luck on finding the perfect pup!!

    The girls I used to babysit for have a Cavalier King Charles...and he is one of the best dogs I have ever met. Very calm, and beautiful!!!

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    I know... I just adore cavaliers!

    just remember that this is a might.... my parents are really strict about getting a new dog...

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    Good luck! Hope that you find the right pup for you Please keep us updated!
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    I thought you were convincing them to get you a new tiel? So you're going to get a new bird AND a dog? How cool!

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    no, no, they said I could not get a bird for several reasons. and if we get a bird it has to be a mate for tiki. and i dont think we should breed her so I asked for a dog instead

    anyway..... we will probibly be getting some kind of animal soon lol

    no call yet back from the aspca. but they say they get poms a lot.....


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