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Thread: I need a new fish! Help me!

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    I need a new fish! Help me!

    Hey there, I'm new to the board.

    I'm looking to pick up a new fish. I've got a tiger oscar and a illuminescent shark now. They are both a little tame. I was looking for something that was a little more angry. Of course, because it hasn't been integrated into the environment with the other two fish? Does anyone have any ideas?


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    First of all, what size tank do you have? Oscars can be very territorial, and they will grow very fast. Any kind of agressive fish you add to this tank will also be territorial. I have an oscar in an 110 gallon tank, and he gets along well with the other tank-mates which are: parrot fish, irridescent sharks, silver dollars, severum, and a jack dempsey. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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    u want a killer fish?? well I have a good one for ya... get a Red Devil... but u'll have to keep it in its own tank or it will kill & eat all ur other fish, including ur Oscar...

    All the fish I have r killers

    I have:
    a Tiger Oscar named Oscar
    a Jack Dempsey named Jack
    & a Red Devil named Mango

    Mango has long skinny black teeth, he can bite a large feeder goldfish in half!!

    & if u want ur red devil to become super agressive, all u have to do is put rocks in its tank.. it will pile them against the front of the tank & make its home & every time u walk infront of the tank it will try to eat u... which is kinda funny...

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    wow that thing sounds really cool. My old oscar was really territorial, he was the only one in the tank but anytime my friends came over he'd charge at them. This oscar is much more mellow. Right now I only have the two fish in a thirty gallon tank (they're still pretty young, only a couple ofmonths) but I will be upgrading their tank soon. I'll be putting this new fish that I get in the thirty gallon tank. I'll definatly check into the red devil thankS!


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