We have created a new forum for any post that is in some way controversial, upsetting, or just makes us go eeeew! In it are threads about the war, debates and arguments about religion, patriotism and politics, and the recipe for "poop cake."

Those posts have been "sent to The Dog House." If you are easily upset, The Dog House is not a place you want to go.

We do not mean any offense to dogs in naming it "The Dog House."

Pet Talk is designed to be a friendly place for people who know how special pets really are. It's not a suitable place for discussing the nature of war, which religion is "the true religion," or truly controversial subjects.

Many of our members, however, are compelled to discuss these issues. We have created "The Dog House" so that our members may share their thoughts in a friendly, caring considerate manner.

Don't be offended if your post is moved into The Dog House. If you are upset by a particular post in another forum, and think it needs to be sent to The Dog House, you can Private Message or email me or Paul. We know every pet is special, and every member of Pet Talk is special, too. We are just trying to make Pet Talk the friendliest place we can for all our members.