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Thread: Who's this little orange kitty??!!

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    Who's this little orange kitty??!!

    Hi everyone! Well, you all know that the stray cat that I cared for for the past couple of years finally found a home. She is doing very well, by the way...and living it up like the princess she knows she is!

    Well, Sunday night, my husband and I got home late, and Marius was just going crazy at our sliding glass door. We turned on the backyard lights, and there was a fuzzy orange kitty(looks very much like noahsmommy's Noah!) coming up to the screen and doing headbumpies, and then flopping down on the concrete and rolling around being cute. Marius knew this wasn't Crookshanks (where did she go?? ), so I imagine that having a strange kitty hanging around Crookshanks' kitty house outside was making him uneasy.
    It's hard to tell if this is someone's pet, because the coat seemed in fairly good condition. I did put some food out, and he (I think it's a he, but it's hard to tell with all that fur! LOL) ate it really fast. Since he was coming up to the screen and rubbing, I assumed he was friendly, so I opened up the door, but he just ran. So, it appears that he's afraid of people.

    Little orange kitty was back in the yard again last night, and I found out that he has been sleeping/lying in the house I bought for Crookshanks! How funny is that? I wonder if Crookshanks told all of her stray kitty friends to come to our backyard because they would be safe there! LOL LOL
    The question is...what should I do? I have no idea if this is someone's pet. If it is, it makes me mad that people can just let their cats run with no collars or identification of any kind, because soft-hearted people like me feeling inclined to feed and care for the little lost ones.
    However, since he seems afraid of people and being he a stray? Where did he come from?? Should I just play it by ear and try to gain his trust?

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