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Thread: yard clean up!

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    yard clean up!

    and i thought i did a fair job keeping things picked up!
    i know a few other posts have mentioned the yard clean up chores. i only have 2 dogs and i'm impressed at the sheer numbers of the piles. how do mike& molly keep clean behind 20?.
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    Your guess is as good as mine That would be one heck of a job!

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    what did you feed them > bean burritos?
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    Well, it's like this.... lol...We have had such a harsh winter, that we have not been out to clean the yard since probably November! Now, we have the advantage, that we feed the dogs Exclusive and they use most of it, so therefore, don't poop much. It will probably take the better part of a week to get it all done, but then we have fence panels and lots of other stuff to pick up too which adds to the fun! lol.

    I will take volunteers though!! lol

    Once we get it all cleaned up, we go out about every other day or every third day and clean. I just adore Exclusive dog food! lol

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    It sounds like everyone is enjoying their "chores"--I'm sure we'll have to do my mother-in law's yard for her!!!!
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    My first clean-up after the snow melted was a biggie! I have even noticed the difference since adding one small dog but he eats like a horse! hehe!

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    Not much snow here this winter so we've been able to keep up with the cleanup chores fairly well. Both my husband and I do this job, but I swear he doesn't have an eagle eye for finding poop like I do.
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    LOL!!! What a topic!!!

    All we have is "soggy" poop from three big dogs and lots of rain!! Since I bought a neat "pooper scooper", the children seem to take up the task quite nicely, thank goodness!

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    Logan, lets here about yur "cool poop scooper"! Anything that will make my job eaiser.

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    Me and My mom have a little plan between us. she does it in the winter and spring and I do it in the Summer and fall. Its all good. I know some ppl who wear gas masks when poop scooping. that is sad. lol Why get a dog if you cant handle the duties hey?
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    Now that we have 3, I find myself doing it every day, sometimes every two days. With 1 Dane, I also can't image how Mike and Molly do it - 20 dogs, with 2 danes included, WOW!

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