I know what you are all going to say...."I thought four was your limit!?!?" Well...apperantly my heart had some more room, introducing Oliver Job Cotte:

Does he remind you of anyone?? He's 1 1/2 years old and was brought to the shelter on 2/7/03 because his owners were moving. He is just like Olivia, but his fur seems little softer and a tiny bit fluffier...other than that, they are twins. Look, here's Olivia:

So, that's our newest furkid. We aren't telling anyone, not everyone supports/understands our cat crazyness. So it'll be nice to talk to you all about him. He really is a sweetie, love bug. He loves attention and being brushed and pet. Can't wait until he's out of the closet (his room for now) and see how he acts with the other cats.