The past few weeks Abby has started growling - mostly at Buddy when he won't play with her. She growled at me once when I wasn't paying attention to her and I told her NO! She gave me that tilted head look!! Her growls are not mean - she just wants her way. I want to put a halt to it. She does not do this when I am close by after the one time she growled at me. This past week she has growled at Buddy when he went to take a drink and get in his bed (whats left of his bed after she has chewed on the last 5). Any suggestions?

For those who don't know - Buddy is 85# adopted about 3 years ago big male lab/husky and very very mellow. Lets Abby take his bones and toys out of his mouth - she grabs on to the gruff (?SP) of his neck and walks him around the yard till he has had enough and then he takes her by the nap of her neck and puts her down on her back for awhile!

Abby is female 55# who came into our home as a stray last summer. She is in love with Buddy and does not want him out of her sight. When they are laying down 99% of the time she is curled into him and if not she is at least touching his paws or tail. She also sits on him or steps on him if he is in her path!! She has to be near him. She is also a sweet dog who likes to chew!