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Thread: Advice on getting a new dog to sleep??

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    Advice on getting a new dog to sleep??

    Hi, I am new to Pet Talk and need some advice majorly!! LOL Yesterday my hubby brought home a toy poodle from the animal shelter. He is a year old and just the most precious thing. He is so loving and just fit right in. I'm having one problem though. He kept me up all night last night whining. We started him off in a carrier with a bed in it then around midnight he ended up in the bed with us til he was roaming around at 4 this morning. I then put him back in his carrier and he slept until 7. Does anyone out there have some advice on getting them to like their bed..should I take the bed out of the carrier and try him in that alone??? Any advice would be much appreciated!!

    Jay'sMom28 aka Kim

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    Hello and welcome to Pet Talk!

    I have a little chi chi and we started him off in a crate with a bed. I don't have much advice except that at night in his crate he should be where he can see ya'll. Cisco would whine at first, but than he settled down and would go to sleep. Now he is bigger and always sleeps under thwe covers in the bed with us!

    Good Luck!!
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    patience and consistency


    I would recommend what worked for me: give it more time and establish a consistent routine.

    Our lab Oreo joined our family when she was already a year old, too, and it took her about a week before she adjusted to sleeping in the house and through the night. At first we tried a hard-sided crate, but she became very agitated about not being able to see out. So we switched to an open, wire playpen with her bed inside. She likes to have her own secure area (that she doesn't have to share with the cat), and she can still see all around.

    When she would wake up and whine, we'd comfort her in a soft voice, but we'd not get up or let her out of bed. She settled down once she started feeling more secure and got used to the new routine. For her this took about a week, but every dog is different.

    Good luck!

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    Whatever you do , just be sure to be firm and to stick to what you want !
    I know you love the dog , but he/she has to learn good behaviour . I would attend a good dog-school with the dog !

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    Wow, it's amazing how a couple of days can make a difference. Jay is doing sooooo well. He slept all night last night from 10 to 6...I couldn't ask much more than that, huh?

    Thanks for ya'lls advice. I really appreciate it. I did like ya'll advised me and put the dog crate where he could see me all night and I didn't let him out when he started whinining the night before last. I think he's a pretty fast learner or either his owner before knew what they were doing and he had to just get use to us!! LOL
    Thanks again ya'll.

    Loving my new pet,

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    Should we expect any photos in the future?? Hint, hint.

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