OK, I took the dogs to the dog park today for a run, and everything went well (They ganged up on my and wrapped their leashes around me, making my fall over..gr..)
Anyway, Jo has been VERY good out there the last while. A few years ago, she would never listen when theres dogs around. Now she comes as soon as I call her and sits in front of me. She's very good with other dogs..the only time she's ever had a 'scrap' was when this dog kept growling at her.
But....today, she was playing fine, and I saw this dog coming in, so I told got her and Zeke to sit by me, so they don't get out while the new dog comes in (try to follow the dog that just left) and so the dog comes charging in, and I let them go, Jo goes right for the poor dog and starts growling at it and biting. I GUESS she could have been playing, she does that sometimes with Zeke..but I duno. She's never done that before, the dog seemed really sweet. Then Zeke started growling (trying to be like Jo) So I put her on leash to smell the dog, but his owner kept calling him away..its like yeah ok, I have her on leash and shes only in nose smelling range. He looked at me like I was some crazy person with no control of my dogs..I find that embarrassing kinda, but it doesnt matter. So I just leave cause the guy keeps calling his dog back, and i didn't want Jo to pick a fight with it, as it's much bigger then her.

Does anyone elses dog ever do that? Like them usually being not like that? I have no clue what got in to her..