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Thread: Family Paws Kid & K9 Safety

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    Family Paws Kid & K9 Safety

    I am a canine behavior consultant that specializes in safe kid and k9 interaction. Family Paws offers unique workshops and programs dedicated to helping keep canine companions in their homes safely. We offer expectant parent workshops, kid & k9 classes, private consultations, behavioral solutions, and temperment testing for rescues and families.
    We believe that with education and the awareness we can do our part to help ensure companions stay in their home for their entire lives!
    Please visit us at
    FamilyPaws Kid & k9 safety
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    k-9 safety

    i am glad other people are doing this also i do pet safety and care classes in the elem schools on ft benning and cols ga. i use my standard poodles in the classes and a abused rescue german shep puppy she was beated and ears cut off she is blind 5mths old and is the greatest i am her personal handler she is owned by p.a.w.s (pets are worth suppt) education is the only way to insure good pet ownership.

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    Meet Precious Noel

    This is a picture of Noel, the sweetie that Oodles of Poodles was talking about and this is a little note from her explaining Noel's duties. Isn't she precious!!

    Hmmm.....I have no idea why the picture didn't appear, but just click to see Noel.

    this is noel, the abuse german shep pup they were taken at petsmart where she was doing paw-a-graphs on tee shirts for spayday usa i am personal handler and was very pleased that she got to spend the weekend with me. she will be going to nursing homes and public functions.

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    thank you pam i am trying to learn thiscomputer i cant remember is i said but noel is blind. and i think this is a great place everyone is wonderful.

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    I am a firm believer that our schools need to do more in the area of educating about pet safety and the appropriate care and training of animals. We have a crisis in this country with the abuse, neglect, and overpopulation of dogs and cats and education is one of the keys. Thank you for the efforts you are making.

    And thanks to Karen or Paul for correcting the problem I had with voting in the polls. I am now able to participate again.
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    Nope most of my pets are good around people. Although I watch Chewy like a Hawk, past agression, were over it now but I don't like to take Chances. I will be doing a school program with Chewy soon, can't wait! Get to teach the elementary kids about how to propery care for a pet, gonna be loads of fun!

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