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Thread: Hey Rottie....

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    Hey Rottie....

    Hey Rottie, I have to ask you how you post the 3 pics of your dogs with the purple border?? You also post them after your how do you do that???? Please fill me in. I have posted 3 pics under "Beautiful Pics of Your Dogs" after I signed up for webshots. So I am very curious as to how you do that???

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    I'd love to have that as my signature! But, aly made me a little Sadie May to put as my signature! Thank You aly! I HOPE this works!

    ***Sadie May and LabLover*** *Labs Rule*

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    Help!!!!!!! How do I make the little "x" box thing into the real thing I want to put??? Help!!!!!!

    ***Sadie May and LabLover*** *Labs Rule*

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    Hi, you just needed a "." before the "gif" !

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    Lab Lover, if you love labs soooo much you have to check out my pet mats and look at the labs that I carry. you will go crazy for them, i know you will. i do custom work too,so if you wanted to put your name on it you could. whatever you want you can have on it. check it out at
    let me know what you think.
    right now i am making another page on homestead for the pet mats.

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    First, I took one picture of each of my dogs, cut them out (I used Microsoft Paint) so that they were all very similar size. Then I put a box around each of them, and then moved them all next to each other to make the image.

    If you can't figure out how to do it, send me some pictures of your dogs/pets, and I'll make one for you.

    Then, upload it to webshots (or whatever web site you use).

    Click on profile in the top right-hand corner of the Pet Talk screen. Put in your username and password and click submit identification. Then when you get to the box that says signature, put in your picture address.

    [img] [/img]

    It should look something like this, except without the spaces after the [img] Click submit and then the next time you post a message be sure to check "show signature" which will put the picture up! Hope that helps you a bit.


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