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Thread: Claw Trimming?

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    Claw Trimming?

    I've recently become the mommy of my first MinPin, and I have to admit...I'm in LOVE! My dog trainer mentioned to me the other day that I could use human toe clippers to trim my little girls claws....I was wondering if anyone does this and how well it works? I think I'd rather spend a few dollars to get doggie clippers, but if this works just as well, I'll save the few bucks and put it toward the Mercedes of Dog Car Seats that Sancha is drooling over

    Mommy to Sancha, Nelly and Mia

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    First off, welcome to Pet Talk! I'm sure you will enjoy it here. Do you have any pics of your Min Pin? Is the name Sancha?

    I clip nails almost every day at work. I've never used the human clippers on them. Actually, on a small dog like that, I normally use cat clippers! It's much easier to judge w/ smaller clippers on such tiny nails. Make sure you clip them often to get the dog used to it.....most of the dogs that freak out about it are small Also, it'd be a good idea to get some "Quick-stop" so if you accidentally cut down to the quick (make it bleed) you can fix it up fast!

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    I don't know how hard a MinPin's nail are. If they are no harder than human nails then I would use them. I preferred using human clippers on our puppies instead of dog clippers. They are easier for me to handle and control while holding the babies. So I would say it just depends on how hard the nail is. Eventually the nails got hard and I had to start using dog clippers. Now I actually prefer to use a grinder. Since I started using the dremel, I have not hit a quick yet! It is easier to judge and the nail is smoother.

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    Thanks for the replies Sancha is my puppy, Mia and Nelly are my cats. I have a nice picture of Sancha on my digital camera, and will post it as soon as I can hook it up to the ol' computer
    Mommy to Sancha, Nelly and Mia

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