I was in no position to take in another cat. There was a man I had done TNR (trap, neuter, release) for, as he had a group of ferals outside his apartment. He called me one day to say he was at a barbecue takeout joint near my house, and that there was a kitten hanging around. The restaurant owner wanted the kitten gone as some customers were "scared" (don't ask me how that's possible). I went with a a trap, but after luring him out of the bushes with Fancy Feast I was able to pick him up and put him in a carrier instead. He was about four and a half to five months old. Thus began a crazy few months trying to rein in an absolute little devil of a cat.

Never have I had such a feisty, aggressive little man like Alex. I got him neutered right away, but I visited my vet with him later to make sure he was healthy and sane, as I wasn't sure. I thought about meds even, but we decided to give him time to calm down. He was friendly with me, although always play biting, but he went after all my cats like a rabid dog. Growling all the time! Just a complete brat. He didn't seem to like any other cat, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Now it's six months on, and he is quite a bit better. He still growls often and forces his way to whatever plate of food I have, but he has made one friend. They play often and really go at it! No one else likes him much, including my dogs. He has me on his side, and now he has buddy Mitchell, so I think all is well (knock on wood!). He's quite the character!
Hello, Alexander, tabby tuxedo kitty! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a story you have to tell! You were spending time at a barbecue take-out restaurant, and your now-person was called to pick you up. You were just four and a half to five months old! You allowed yourself to be placed in a carrier, and things began to change!

Your now-person took you to the veterinarian for an exam and neutering. At first you were feisty and aggressive, but now you are a good bit better and have buddy Mitchell to pal with. You are quite the character! Best of all, you are healthy and safe in your new home! PURRRfect!

Happy, happy Cat of the Day to Alexander, and love to Mitchell too!